Kitchen Items


Each dishcloth (or wash cloth) measures approximately 9 x 8 inches.  You can purchase them in any of the colors shown below, or specify which color(s) you want.  Go to our Facebook page for more color options.  If we don't have a certain color in stock, it will take up to a week to make and ship them.  Be as specific as possible when listing your colors (i.e. light blue/green multicolor shown in photo, tan multicolor shown on facebook, light blue and white striped with blue border, plain dark green with black border, etc.).  If you want something different than what is shown, let us know!  We will be happy to accommodate!
If you would like to know the type of yarn used, contact us and we will let you know the details.



One Color

Two Colors


Single ........... $3.00
Set of Two ... $5.50

Pot Holders

The Double thick pot holders come in two different sizes--small and large. Small is any size up to and including 7" square; large is anything bigger than 7" square.  The Flower pot holders are around 7"-9" in diameter depending on the number of petals.  They can be made with 6, 7, or 8 petals.  See photos below.  You can specify the number of petals you want in the "Color(s) of Choice" box below (i.e. If you order a set of two and want different petals for each one, you can put "7 petals--dark blue, 8 petals--dark blue and white").
Mix and match them to have nice sets!  Remember, they will take up to two weeks to make and ship if we don't have a certain color in stock.  Scroll all the way down to purchase any style of pot holder!

Note: The double thick pot holders come with or without a loop for hanging.  If you have a preference, please let us know.  Otherwise, you may or may not have the loop on your pot holders.

Double Thick - Multicolor

Double Thick - One Color 

Double Thick - Two Colors

Flower - Multicolor


Flower - One Color

Flower - Two Colors



Double-Thick Square Pot Holders
Small - Single ........... $4.00
Small - Set of Two ... $7.00
Large - Single .......... $5.00
Large - Set of Two ... $9.00

Flower Pot Holders
Single ................. $5.50
Set of Two ........ $10.00


Coasters come in sets of 4 or sets of 6.  They are about 4" in diameter and they can be made in the color of your choice.



Set of 4 ..... $4.00
Set of 6 ..... $6.00